19 best work-from-home career options

19 best work-from-home career options
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 13 May, 2024

With today's fast-paced lifestyle and technological advancements, working from home has become an increasingly popular career option, especially for individuals in Malaysia. The types of jobs you can do from home vary widely. Look for those that fit your skills, interests, and qualifications.

Read on to explore popular work-from-home jobs. We look into the pros and cons of choosing a remote job instead of a traditional workplace setting. Knowing your options can help you make informed decisions. Wise choices can help you build a successful remote career.

Here is what we will cover in this guide:

Popular jobs where you can work from home 

Here are 19 of the best jobs to work from home:

1. Customer service representative

A customer service representative or associate assists customers with their inquiries, concerns, orders, and requests. This typically involves addressing customer inquiries and concerns via phone calls, emails, or chat platforms.

As part of this job, you would also provide chat support through online platforms. While a degree in a relevant field may be beneficial, strong communication and active listening skills are essential for success in this role.

A major advantage of this job is its flexibility in work schedules. Customer service representatives may have the opportunity to work different shifts, including evenings, nights, weekends, or even part-time hours, depending on the needs of the company and the accounts they handle.

But note that while the flexible work schedule is a major advantage, if you consider this role, you should be prepared for potentially stressful situations. These include handling difficult customers and meeting performance targets.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 2,600/month
  • Required skills: customer service, communication, active listening, problem-solving, computer literacy, patience

2. Social media manager

Social media managers oversee the social media platforms of individuals or organisations. They analyse data and metrics to develop social media posts and determine effective strategies to reach their target audience or meet specific goals.

A bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, marketing, or public relations is beneficial to this position. At least three years of related experience is preferable.

This job allows you to work with a variety of people and businesses. It also allows for creativity and innovation, although it can be demanding. Social media managers must stay connected, alert, and on top of things at all times.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 6,000/month
  • Required skills: communication, knowledge of social media, content creation, copywriting, community building and management, social media marketing, digital marketing, crisis management, Google Analytics experience

3. Tutor

A tutor assists and guides students in specific subjects. Often, a degree in education or the subject you teach is necessary.

A teaching certification or proof of language proficiency may also be a requirement. Many tutors pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)proficiency test, and some have a teaching license.

Some advantages of this job are the fulfilment and flexibility it offers. As a tutor, you can often set your own schedule and choose how many students to work with. However, you may spend a lot of time and effort in lesson planning.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 3,000/month
  • Required skills: communication, integrity, punctuality, subject matter expertise, computer literacy, knowledge of Zoom

4. UX designer

UX or user experience designers create intuitive and user-friendly digital experiences. They work closely with product managers, developers, and stakeholders to understand and meet user needs.

A degree in technology, design, or a related field is a strong asset. Internship experience and certifications in UX design are also a plus.

Regarding pros and cons, positions for UX designers are in demand and pay well. But the market is competitive, and you need advanced skills and updated knowledge to remain relevant.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 5,000/month
  • Required skills: UX design and research, wireframing, UI design, visual design, e-commerce, CSS, HTML
woman in glasses working at a desk

5. Web developer

Web developers create and maintain websites. A degree in computer science, information technology (IT), web design and development, or a similar field is often necessary. Certifications in specific programming languages are also helpful.

Jobs for web developers are in high demand and pay well. There are also plenty of opportunities to advance. You need specialised skills to be competitive.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 4,550/month
  • Required skills: web development, proficiency in programming languages, jQuery, React.JS, knowledge of content management systems (CMS)

6. Data entry clerk

A data entry clerk inputs and maintains data into a company's systems or databases. This is an entry-level job that requires little or no experience. A degree is often not necessary, as a high school diploma is usually sufficient.

This job allows you to develop many skills that may be useful in other fields. It's also easy to get started. A disadvantage is that it can be monotonous and tedious.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 1,800/month
  • Required skills: data entry, data processing, numeracy, multitasking, communication, attention to detail, proficiency in various computer software

7. Graphic designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts for various purposes. They may work by hand or use computer software. A degree in multimedia arts, design, or fine arts is a typical requirement for graphic designers. There is an increasing demand for this role in advertising, digital media, and corporate branding.

The role may require adept use of tools like Adobe Creative Suite. Here is our comprehensive guide on graphic designing. This job offers opportunities for creativity and self-expression. But it may entail working long hours to meet tight deadlines.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 3,400/month
  • Required skills: graphic design, illustration, photography, video editing, animation, multimedia arts, time management, proficiency in various design software and desktop publishing applications

8. Translator

A translator converts spoken content or written text from one language to another. To become a translator, you need to pursue a diploma or bachelor's degree in translation and be fluent in at least two languages. Usually, it is English and another language, such as Malay, Mandarin, or Tamil.

Obtain fluency certifications in your second language, such as the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), Test of Proficiency in Malay (TPM) or Mandarin Proficiency Test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, HSK).

Translator jobs pay well and are in demand. A drawback is the potential for tight deadlines and the need to work under pressure to meet client demands.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 5,150/month
  • Required skills: communication, language proficiency, customer service, attention to detail

9. Writer

Writers create various types of written content for their clients. They have different specialisations. Examples are content writers for websites and technical writers for technical manuals. A degree in journalism, creative writing, or English can help you stand out in the field.

The main advantage of being a writer is the freedom to work from anywhere and create your own schedule. A potential consideration is the need for self-discipline and motivation, which are important for meeting deadlines and producing high-quality content.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 3,850/month
  • Required skills: communication, time management, copywriting, content writing, knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO), proficiency in CMS

10. Copywriter

A copywriter creates content for advertisements, websites, and other marketing materials. They work closely with clients to understand their brand and target audience before crafting written content to convey a message.

A degree in journalism, communications, or marketing can help you get the job. A portfolio is also helpful. Copywriter work-from-home positions often offer flexibility. But, similar to a writer, you require self-discipline to be successful.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 4,150/month
  • Required skills: communication, copywriting, content marketing, multitasking, knowledge of SEO, proficiency in CMS
Woman in headsets

11. Tech support

Technical support staff provide assistance and troubleshooting to customers who use a company's devices or software. A degree in computer science, IT, computer engineering, or a related field is usually required for this job.

Like customer service representatives, technical support specialists enjoy flexibility in their work schedules. However, the job can be stressful due to its technical and client-oriented nature.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 4,200/month
  • Required skills: communication, customer service, problem-solving, patience, knowledge of computer systems

12. Project manager

A project manager oversees the planning, execution, and completion of projects. A degree in your chosen specialisation can help you get the job. For example, if you are looking to work with developers who build software programs, a degree in IT or computer science may be useful.

Regardless of the field, a relevant certification can be beneficial. An example is the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate.

An advantage of this job is you can work in various industries. However, it can be demanding. This is because you are in charge of the project's life cycle. You may also find yourself juggling several projects at once.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 8,800/month
  • Required skills: communication, analytical thinking, problem-solving, organisational abilities, time management, leadership, proficiency in project management software

13. Consultant

Consultants provide expert advice and guidance to organisations and individuals. They specialise in areas such as management, finance, marketing, or human resources (HR). It is good to have a degree and experience relevant to the field you want to consult in.

Consultants may work on a per-project basis. This translates to freedom and flexibility. However, you may need to onboard new clients regularly to ensure a consistent workload.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 4,200/month
  • Required skills: communication, problem-solving, analytical thinking, organisational abilities, multitasking

14. Sales representative

A sales representative promotes and sells a company's products or services to potential customers. Lead generation and relationship management are also important parts of this job.

While a degree is not always necessary for this job, some employers may prefer a college graduate in business, economics, marketing, or a related field. Many industries offer sales representative jobs. But while opportunities abound, this type of work is competitive.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 3,800/month
  • Required skills: communication, negotiation, customer service, organisational abilities, time management

15. Editor

Editors make sure that written works are free of errors. They review and revise content to conform to established guidelines and standards. A degree in journalism, creative writing, English, or a related field may be necessary for this job.

Experience as a writer, editor, proofreader, or editorial assistant is ideal. Like proofreading jobs, it is easy to perform this work from home.

A potential disadvantage is that it is not an entry-level job, it is detail-oriented and can get tedious with larger workloads.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 3,100/month
  • Required skills: communication, attention to detail, time management, proofreading, language proficiency, knowledge of SEO and CMS
man with a tablet and coffee

16. Recruiter

Recruiters source, evaluate and select potential employees for an organisation. This job often requires a degree in HR, psychology, humanities, or a related field. Experience in recruitment or HR is preferable.

This can be a rewarding career where you connect talented individuals with the right opportunities, but it can also be demanding in terms of time and effort.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 3,400/month
  • Required skills: communication, time management, organisational abilities, attention to detail, computer literacy, excellent interpersonal skills

17. Information security analyst

Security analysts assess and monitor potential security risks, develop and implement security measures, and respond to security incidents. A degree in computer science, IT, or a related field is usually a requirement for this position.

Employers may also prefer individuals with relevant certifications, such as the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and CompTIA Security+ certificates. The main selling point for this job is its high pay, but it can also be stressful and demanding.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 6,300/month
  • Required skills: communication, attention to detail, problem-solving, multitasking, risk management, knowledge of firewalls, networks, scripting and automation tools, and cloud systems

18. Administrative assistant

An administrative assistant performs various administrative and clerical duties. Many employers consider graduates of any four-year degree, but a degree in management or business administration is beneficial. Administrative assistant jobs are available in a wide range of industries.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 2,150/month
  • Required skills: communication, organisational abilities, administration and business management, time management, multitasking, computer literacy

19. Mobile developer

A mobile developer designs and develops applications for mobile devices. A degree in computer science, IT, computer engineering, or a similar field is often necessary for this position. Certifications in mobile app development and specific programming languages are desirable.

The advantages of this job are that it is in demand and offers high pay. The downside is the level of competition in the field.

  • Expected salary: Around RM 5,400/month
  • Required skills: communication, time management, mobile app development, programming language proficiency, knowledge of agile methodologies

Benefits of work-from-home jobs 

Here are some of the advantages of work-at-home jobs:

Reduced travel time

Full-time and part-time work-from-home jobs eliminate the need for commuting. This saves time. It also reduces the stress that comes with travel.

More flexibility throughout your day

Work-from-home jobs give you the freedom to set your schedule. You can work at your preferred time. This allows you to integrate your working life better.

Higher level of ownership for your work

Many remote positions require independent work. A remote job gives you a greater sense of responsibility and accountability for your tasks, and you may feel a higher sense of ownership over your work.

Increased productivity

Remote job environments can provide fewer distractions. You have the power to create a space that enables you to focus. This can lead to higher productivity levels.

Better work-life balance

Work-from-home jobs can help you create a better balance between your personal and professional lives. You can spend more time with family and friends and on your hobbies and interests without affecting your work performance.

Increased satisfaction

Work-from-home jobs provide flexibility and autonomy. They also give you more time for personal pursuits. Flexibility at work can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction.

More diverse workforce

Hiring remote workers allows companies to tap into a wider employee pool. The alternative work arrangement eliminates geographical constraints, helping create a diverse workforce where people from different backgrounds can collaborate and contribute their unique perspectives.

Improved employee retention

Offering work-from-home jobs can improve employee retention rates. Working from home provides a benefit that many employees value. It also enhances loyalty and job satisfaction.

Disadvantages of work-from-home jobs 

These are some of the drawbacks of remote jobs:

  • Home distractions: Potential interruptions may make it difficult to focus. Distractions might include noise, household chores, and pets.
  • Isolation: Remote jobs can be isolating because they limit in-person interactions, which may negatively affect team dynamics.
  • Lack of community and teamwork: Lack of physical interaction hinders effective teamwork. It reduces team cohesion and makes communication more challenging.
  • Poor work environment: Lack of ergonomic equipment and a suboptimal workspace can result in discomfort, health issues, and poor productivity. These can affect job satisfaction.
  • Difficulties with collaboration: Coordinating with team members can be challenging without face-to-face interaction, which can cause delays in project completion.
  • Difficulty separating home and work life: With work-from-home jobs, it can be challenging to maintain boundaries between work and personal life. The lack of a physical separation can make it difficult to switch off from work, leading to stress and even burnout.
  • Equipment limitations: Work-from-home jobs can limit access to company resources that employees may need for their work. People may also incur additional expenses when creating a home workspace.
  • Remote work burnout: Overworking, lack of downtime, and constant availability are big parts of the online job culture. These can lead to burnout, which can impact employees' productivity and well-being.
Man looking at a laptop screen

How to get online work-from-home jobs in Malaysia 

Here are several tips you can follow on how to find work-from-home job opportunities:

Build an online portfolio in the niche you want to work in

Ask existing customers to write reviews for you. Offer to work for free or at a discount to encourage them to provide positive feedback. A well-thought-out portfolio can help you stand apart from the competition.

Sign up on remote work platforms

Fiverr and Upwork are two websites with remote job boards. Make your social media presence strong, and make sure that your profile is complete, professional, and engaging. Showcase your skills and qualifications and provide work samples to attract clients.

Improve your online presence

Create a professional website that showcases your work and qualifications. Clean up your social media so it reflects your brand. Optimise your profile on networking sites by adding a professional photo, updating your information, and posting relevant content.

Expand your network

Create a JobStreet profile to find work-from-home opportunities and apply for suitable jobs. Join online groups for your specific field and participate in discussions. Attend conferences and seminars for your industry.

Use other strategies to find a work-from-home job

Word-of-mouth marketing can help in your job search. Reach out to friends, family, and colleagues who can recommend you to potential employers. Cold outreach is another effective job search strategy. Connect with companies and small businesses you want to work for. Pitch your skills and qualifications to them and ask for a meeting.


With a study showing that Malaysian employees prefer working from home, the popularity of this work arrangement is expected to grow. With its many benefits including flexibility, greater autonomy, improved work performance, and a better work-life balance, employers can also reap the reward of remote employees.

Employers who offer work-from-home jobs also have an opportunity to diversify their workforce, hire talents from a wider pool of potential employees, and cut overhead costs.

Remote working requires discipline and self-motivation. If you believe this arrangement can work for you, check out some of the jobs we listed above. Make sure to choose one that matches your qualifications and experience.


Here are answers to common questions about work-from-home job opportunities:

  1. What are the highest-paying work-from-home jobs?
    The highest-paying work-from-home jobs are in the technology sector and consultancy services. In general, the more specialised or technical the work, the higher the pay.
  2. Which field is best for work from home?
    Jobs that require minimal supervision, interaction, and coordination are best for working from home. Examples include content writing, editing, proofreading, and transcribing.
  3. Which work is best for earning money from home?
    The best work-from-home jobs that can help you earn money are those that fit your skill set, qualifications, and experience. You are more likely to succeed in your online job if you can do it well.
  4. How can I start taking work-from-home jobs?
    To get started, find a remote job that suits you. Explore online job boards, job search engines, and company websites to find opportunities. Use the words "remote" and "virtual" to help applicant tracking systems pick up that experience. Apply to jobs that interest you. Once you get a remote job, you can start working from home.
  5. How much should I charge for remote jobs?
    Consider your verbal communication skills and work experience and the complexity of the job market when setting your rate. If you are starting out, look into the average rates of people with similar qualifications. This can give you an idea of how much to charge. From there, you can adjust your rates in response to market demand and client feedback.

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