Chief Operating Officer

Oversee operational performance and processes in a business.
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What's it like to be a Chief Operating Officer?

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) implements the operational vision of the CEO. They report back to the CEO and often handle internal affairs such as coordinating with the sales manager, tech manager, and support manager to meet the expectations of the CEO. For example, if a business experiences a decline in sales due to product quality, the COO may be responsible for implementing strategies that improve quality control measures. In this instance, the COO could instruct the human resources department to hire more personnel.
Chief Operating Officer

Tasks and duties

  • Leading initiatives to steer the company’s future under the CEO’s vision.
  • Designing communication policies for employees and building core teams alongside the human resources department.
  • Evaluating the performance of the business by analysing data.
  • Participating in expansion activities like investments, corporate alliances and acquisitions.
  • Initiating the roll out of new products, including their production, research and marketing.

How to become a Chief Operating Officer

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It takes many years of education and experience to become a Chief Operating Officer. Expanding your professional network can be beneficial.

  1. Complete a bachelor degree in business administration or another relevant discipline.
  2. Consider completing a Master of Business Administration or equivalent to give yourself a competitive edge; this will also give you corporate knowledge to succeed as a COO, like teamwork competencies, statistical methods, and leadership.
  3. Some companies may require professional certifications, like Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) or Project Management Professional (PMP).
  4. Gain extensive experience. COOs usually have many years of business and leadership experience.

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Commercial Acumen
Interpersonal Sensitivity
Results Focused
Chinese - Mandarin
Analytical Thinking
Team Leadership
Problem Solving
Microsoft Office
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Is Chief Operating Officer the right role for me?

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Job opportunities

Chief Operating Officer jobs on JobStreet
Jobs on JobStreet right now

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160% increase in jobs ads in the last year
Comparing job ad data from the last 3 months with the same period last year
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Nov 2022
Taking charge of the entire business operations and sales of the company.
Reviewer's Qualification
Bachelor of Business
10+ years
Organisation size
Medium (20-199 employees)
The good things
- Autonomy and creativity - Empowerment from the management - Opportunities to grow and inspire younger generations
The challenges
The constant change in the industry as well as the world macroeconomic situation.
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