SAP Consultant

Implement data processing measures for business clients using SAP (Systems Applications and Products) solutions.
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What's it like to be a SAP Consultant?

SAP Consultants specialise in data processing, which has two areas—functional and technical. Technical SAP Consultants focus on network administration, and software programming and development. Functional SAP consultants have a finance background, enabling them to configure systems to meet business needs. Some SAP Consultants can do both technical and functional work. They may work as employees or independent consultants.
SAP Consultant

Tasks and duties

  • Meeting with clients or management to identify business needs and pain points.
  • Evaluating existing IT infrastructure and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Developing and testing SAP-based solutions that help meet business objectives.
  • Configuring the system, fixing glitches and ensuring a smooth integration.
  • Writing and presenting progress reports.
  • Creating user and technical guides for SAP systems.
  • Keeping updated on the latest SAP products and developments.
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After assessing a client’s needs, SAP Consultants will use the SAP system to create solutions. They document the system’s development and integration with an organisation’s current IT (information technology) infrastructure, so that other IT consultants and staff members can troubleshoot future issues. SAP Consultants also train personnel on the proper use of the SAP system. During the early stages of implementation, these consultants are on standby to collect feedback from end-users, spot and resolve problems, and recommend ways to optimise performance.

How to become a SAP Consultant

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Aside from a sound technical background, SAP Consultants should also have strong skills in analytical thinking, problem solving and communication. A formal qualification is usually required.

  1. Complete a relevant bachelor degree in information technology, computer science or computer engineering. Additional qualifications in business or finance can also be beneficial.
  2. Get additional training in SAP. Training courses will boost your SAP knowledge and skills on technological tools, customer relationship management, sales and other business aspects. Some training programmes provide certifications, which can improve your employability.
  3. Gain extensive industry experience. Consider starting off at an IT consultancy firm as a junior consultant, or pursue entry-level roles such as Junior Sap Analyst or Junior SAP Developer.
  4. Consider completing a masters degree to advance your career. Depending on your preferred career path, you may pursue advanced education in IT or business.

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Information Technology
SAP Implementation
Managed Services
Warehouse Management Systems
Project Implementation
Web Development
Telecommunications Engineering
SAP SuccessFactors
Analytical Thinking
SAP Basis
SAP Consulting
SAP Software
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SAP Consultant jobs on JobStreet
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Nov 2022
Reviewer's Qualification
Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems
5 – 9 years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
The good things
It was very flexible and comfortable to working on current present compnay
The challenges
It was very challenging where I need communicate with different groups of people from different countries, especially different time zone.
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