Procurement Manager

Create the procurement and negotiation strategy for a company’s purchasing department.
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What's it like to be a Procurement Manager?

A Procurement Manager directs the activities of the members of the purchasing team. They ensure the procurement process adheres to company standards and optimises the budget. Under their scope is creating and maintaining relationships with key vendors and suppliers, aligning with key stakeholders on purchasing goals, and strategising the best practices for the department’s procurement process. Leadership, relationship building, and negotiation are key skills for the role. Procurement Managers work in warehouses, logistics, supply chain, mining, fashion, and retail.

Tasks and duties

  • Collaborating with key stakeholders to design the company’s purchasing strategy.
  • Cultivating relationships with vendors, suppliers, and key stakeholders.
  • Entering negotiations with key vendors and suppliers for best-value deals.
  • Approving the tasks and expenditures of the purchasing department.
  • Analysing budgets and timelines to optimise the purchasing process.
  • Conducting risk management for contracts and vendor relations.
  • Mitigating conflicts and unforeseen events in the purchasing process.

How to become a Procurement Manager

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A bachelor degree in a relevant field, years of industry experience, and management skills are required to work as Procurement Manager. Postgraduate education and leadership experience may be an advantage. 

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in supply chain, logistics, procurement management or another related field.

  2. Complete an internship in the supply chain or purchasing department of a recognised company.

  3. Take a training course in procurement, such as Supply Chain Management, Strategic Procurement and Vendor Negotiation Skills, or Professional or Procurement and Sourcing.

  4. Gain years of experience starting with an entry-level job in procurement, such as Procurement Assistant, and get promoted to higher roles such as Procurement Officer.

  5. Consider postgraduate education, such as an MBA in Purchasing Management.

  6. Pursue promotion to Head of Procurement or Chief Procurement Officer.

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Skills and experience employers are looking for

Supply Chain Management
Business Administration
Strategic Sourcing
SAP Ariba
Microsoft Office
Communication Skills
Problem Solving
Analytical Thinking
Commercial Acumen
Time Management
Results Focused
Ability to Work At A Fast Pace
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Is Procurement Manager the right role for me?

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Procurement Manager jobs on JobStreet
Jobs on JobStreet right now
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Latest Procurement Manager reviews

Latest reviews from 2 Procurement Managers surveyed on JobStreet.

Nov 2022
Do the best before make the conclusion
Reviewer's Qualification
Advanced Diploma of Business Studies (Business Administration)
5 – 9 years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
The good things
Challenging and sometimes do need to be multitasking. Team spirit to complete every task assigned
The challenges
Price stables, on time delivery to catch up for production
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Nov 2022
Reviewer's Qualification
Bachelor of Business
10+ years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
The good things
Work closely with management professionals, Vendors and purchasing employees to determine product and shipping needs.Have to maintain Supplier contracts, monitor product inventory levels across locati...
The challenges
Supply vs demand Costing and Inventory .Supplier Management Relationship
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