The Eight Most In-Demand Jobs For Fresh Graduates

The Eight Most In-Demand Jobs For Fresh Graduates
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 29 November, 2021


Believe it or not, there are still a lot of opportunities for jobseekers during the pandemic. Despite the bleak economic outlook of the country, our Covid-19 Job Report states that 48% of organisations are looking to actively hire in the next six months. It is also important to note that entry-level jobs are the most in demand at 67%.

Top industries that are also looking for fresh talent are Administration / Human Resources (25%), Sales / Customer Service / Business Development (24%) and IT (23%). If you plan on working under any of the aforementioned fields, then read on. All you need is a three-year program degree and set of transferable skills in your arsenal.

If you are a fresh graduate looking to land your first job during this time, we have eight entry-level roles you can consider to commence your venture into the working world.

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Customer Service Specialist

Are you a people person with a knack for assisting requests? It is time to put those interpersonal skills to the test. Sign up to be a customer service specialist. The digital space has welcomed a surge in job opportunities in this field.

Online English Teacher

There is a lot of demand for English teachers in Malaysia. The education sector is constantly searching for English speakers to teach Malaysians language comprehension and oral communication. But with the pandemic, there is no need to teach in a physical classroom - the digital space is your oyster, and you don’t have to leave your home to do it too.

Company Nurse

Healthcare is a universally requested sector, as the citizens of the world are after caring for their well-being now. Offices, in particular, are looking to improve their safety protocols to ensure their employees are in tiptop shape. If you have recently finished Nursing or are ready to bring your skills to the field, this is the best place for you to start.

Executive Assistant

If you have mad organisational skills and love planning day-to-day affairs, being an executive assistant might be your calling. While this may seem like a more senior role to take on (especially if you have to watch over an executive in the company), you may start out by assisting a division with requirements or as a staffer for a more junior director. You would need to book appointments, run errands and do whatever your superior requires you to do (work-related in nature, of course).

Accounting Staff

If revenue is your game, then accounting is where you should aim. Get that credit and debit into balance by managing financials of banks, trade companies, and even non-financial institutions. Taking care of money may be a daunting task, but if you have administrative skills and a watchful eye, this could be a walk in the park for you.

Brand Assistant

Build a company’s story from the ground up, or continue telling that brand story at least. If you have creative juices waiting to come through, this is the field that will give you that main squeeze. Learn the ropes and shadow your more senior colleagues regarding the way to create, conceptualize, market, and sustain campaigns and collaterals to help build the reputation of the company you work for. It helps too if you are highly passionate for the brand you work for.

Multimedia Designer / Graphic Artist

With freelance jobs gaining so much popularity, the art industry is seeing a boom in demand. The visual era is here to stay, and with most people at home, digital media is an area that is teeming with opportunity. Work for a creative company or enhance the look of a company that is eager to change their brand direction. Make your difference there as you work side by side with the marketing and communications team to bring such ideas to life.

IT support

The digital space is flourishing and so are the opportunities in IT. If you live and breathe tech, this is the field for you. You can start out by improving company systems and work your way up from there. Remember - innovation is key and as IT, you can blow companies away with your knack of enhancing technological experiences for the sake of productivity.

Not tickling your fancy? Other entry-level jobs include copywriters, engineers, retail store assistants, restaurant management trainees, and more.

Do away with the belief that the pandemic is a challenge for a jobseeker. If anything, you can choose to thrive in it by pursuing what really makes you happy. As a fresh graduate, it is the ultimate time to do your soul searching and know what you really want out of your career. Discover what piques your interest the most and have some fun along the way.

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