9 fun, high-paying jobs in Malaysia

9 fun, high-paying jobs in Malaysia
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 24 May, 2024

A career is a long-term pursuit for most individuals. Having a fun and exciting job can provide personal and professional fulfilment. Doing enjoyable tasks at work can improve your work productivity levels, creativity, and well-being.

According to a Randstad survey, about 50% of Malaysian employees stated that they would rather leave their jobs than be unhappy at work. This shows the importance of having a job that you love and enjoy.

But what are some fun careers?

Read on to discover the benefits of fun jobs and view a list of some enjoyable career paths.

We will cover:

Benefits of fun careers 

A few benefits of having a fun job include:

Increased job satisfaction

Having an enjoyable job may give you a high level of job satisfaction. If your work feels meaningful and rewarding, you tend to be happier and more content in your job. Having a rewarding job could also inspire you to pursue further job opportunities, as you will take a more active approach in your career.

Enhanced engagement

You may feel more engaged at work and inspired to use your skills in the best possible way if your job is fun and interesting. An enjoyable job fosters a greater sense of commitment because you are more likely to be enthusiastic about it.

This may motivate you to spend more time working on your career. You might also enjoy greater success in your organisation if you are engaged at work.

More creativity

Having an enjoyable job often encourages creativity and innovation. Because your work is enjoyable, you may feel more inclined to explore new ideas without the fear of failure. You could even channel your creativity to create a positive feedback loop. This can lead to increased interest and enthusiasm at work.

Greater productivity

A fun job can motivate you to work hard, thereby improving your productivity. It can create an environment conducive to thinking and thriving professionally. Having a fun job can also make you less likely to experience burnout and work stress. You may even find that you will have greater job security because having a job you enjoy makes you more productive.

Fun careers in Malaysia 

Malaysia offers diverse opportunities because of its growing economy and skilled workforce. The country boasts a vibrant creative scene and a wide array of fun, high-paying jobs in the tourism, hospitality, and other industries.

So, if you want to explore the evolving job landscape, here are some fun jobs to consider:

Game developer

If you love playing video games and are passionate about creating video games, becoming a game developer could be a fulfilling career choice. Game developers design game concepts, collaborate with artists to create visuals, and code game mechanics and features.

To become a game developer, you typically need a degree in game development, computer science, or a related field. Building a portfolio showcasing projects is crucial for demonstrating your skills and experience.

Entry-level roles such as game tester, junior programmer, or assistant game developer can provide valuable experience. Learning game development tools like Unity or Unreal Engine, along with programming languages like C++ or C#, is essential.

Consider specialising in areas like gameplay programming or level design to enhance your career prospects. Moreover, broad understanding and familiarity with games across different genres and platforms can enrich your game development skills. In terms of salary, game developers earn an average of RM 5,200 per month.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are remote employees who perform administrative tasks for businesses and professionals. It's a great example of one of the many fun business careers. The role of a virtual assistant is a great option for people who like flexibility and remote work. A few common tasks you may have to perform as a virtual assistant are:

  • bookkeeping, billing, and accounting
  • organising files and documents
  • scheduling meetings
  • preparing presentations and reports
  • providing customer service as the first point of contact
  • handling travel arrangements and accommodations
  • managing social media presence

If you want to become a virtual assistant, computer skills are a must. For this career, this refers to the ability to adeptly use various communication software programs, document-sharing platforms, email platforms, and workplace productivity suites.

Virtual assisting also requires soft skills, such as excellent communication, time management, and organisation. You could earn an average of RM 2,600 a month as a virtual assistant.

Online tutor

man looking at computer plaid shirt

Online tutoring is a fun career option if you want to work in the education sector. As an online tutor, you work from home and conduct lessons for students on a particular subject.

A good way to begin this career is to join an online tutoring website where you will teach using different distance-learning formats, such as video calls and screen sharing. You might also help students with test preparation, such as for their grade-level assessments or entrance examinations.

To become an online tutor, you would most likely need a teaching certificate or a degree in the field you want to teach. But you would also need knowledge of the best teaching practices and soft skills such as strong communication, time management, compassion, and organisation. The average pay for this job is around RM 3,000.

Digital content creator

Malaysia is a great place to pursue this career path as it is currently undergoing a content creator revolution. Digital creation is an exciting job that also pays well.

As a digital creator, you provide value to your target audience by creating content for different online platforms. The content you create could be a combination of helpful, entertaining, and educational material.

You would also need to engage with your audience. You can do this by sending newsletters, producing podcasts, and launching products or courses. You would most likely also create social media content to promote brands. This may include collaborating with a social media manager, graphic designer, or editor.

Creating high-value digital content pays well. You will usually generate your earnings through partnering with brands, selling merchandise, or advertising. To become an effective digital content creator, you will need to find your niche, target audience, and unique style. The job also requires skills such as researching, photography, writing and storytelling, and managing social media.

Digital content creators' earnings vary widely and depend on factors like audience size, engagement, and monetization strategies. Income levels can fluctuate and are not easily quantified due to the diverse nature of content and platforms.

Music therapist

A music therapist uses music as a therapeutic intervention for individuals to address their cognitive, physical, or emotional issues.

As a music therapist, you will use your musical talent and understanding of psychological and physiological principles to enable positive changes in people's well-being. Musical therapy can include a wide range of musical genres and styles, as well as improvisation using speciality instruments.

This role requires a bachelor's degree in music or a relevant field, such as music, psychology, social work, education, or counseling. You will also need clinical training, and gaining practical experience through internships is helpful. On average, a music therapist earns around RM 7,800 a month.


An animator designs animation and visual images for films, video games, advertisements, and other forms of media. Animators work in various industries, such as advertising, motion picture, computer systems design, game production, and graphic design.

As an animator, you will use a range of techniques, draft storyboards, draw 2D sketches, and create visual assets using animation software. This includes becoming proficient in software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Krita, and Inkscape for graphic design, as well as industry-standard animation software like Blender, Autodesk Maya, Cinema4D, and Toon Boom Harmony.

To become an animator, you will need a bachelor's degree in fine arts, computer science, computer graphics, or animation. Being proficient in creative design software, user interface design, 3D visual effects software, and social media platforms is essential.

Creativity, collaboration, and great attention to detail are also very important for this role. Pursuing a degree in animation, building a portfolio, and collaborating with others are crucial steps to becoming an animator. As an animator, you could earn an average monthly salary of about RM 4,000.

Interior designer

woman in a grey blouse holding a tablet

An interior designer specialises in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. They begin by understanding their client's needs and preferences, then develop proposals for space planning, concept design, and material selection. This involves creating visualisations, design plans, and mood boards to present to the client.

Interior designers work across various sectors, including commercial establishments, private homes, set design, and hospitality venues. They propose layout configurations and produce blueprints, as well as establish project schedules and timelines for deliveries and installations.

To become an interior designer, you will have to pursue a degree in architecture, interior design, or industrial technology. Proficiency in design software is essential, including programs like AutoCAD and SketchUp. Additionally, having a strong understanding of sustainable practices, safety regulations, and current design trends is crucial.

Interior designers typically earn an average monthly salary of RM 4,000.

Tour guide

Tour guides go with visitors to destinations and provide guidance, help, and information about the places they visit. They share their knowledge and insights on a place's cultural, historical, and natural heritage while organising and leading excursions.

As a tour guide, you will interact with tourists, coordinate entry to attractions, and assist in arranging transportation and accommodation.

To pursue a career as a tour guide, you may need national vocational qualifications or a degree in areas such as travel and tourism management, cultural studies, or history. Additionally, you are required to obtain a licence from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

Having practical experience and knowledge about the destination's local history, attractions, landmarks, and cultural traditions is also essential as a tour guide. The average salary of a tour guide is about RM 4000 per month.

Event planner

Event planners or event specialists organise and coordinate events from ideation to execution. They understand client requirements and plan the event's scope, which includes factors such as the budget, staffing, locations, and logistics.

As an event planner, you must meet project delivery elements on time. You should also conduct market research and ensure compliance with legal, health, and safety obligations.

Having a bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or hospitality management can help you get a job as an event planner. But it is also essential to have people, problem-solving, organisational, and business negotiation skills.

You might want to consider getting certified in event management and earning credentials such as the Certified Meeting Professional designation. On average, an event planner makes around RM 5,000.


According to a New Straits Times article, financial rewards and personal fulfilment are the main factors contributing to workplace contentment. They play a vital role in helping you stay motivated at work in the long term.

Choosing a fun career that pays well can enhance your job satisfaction and quality of life. You will know that a job suits you if it aligns with your personal interests, skills, and passions.

There are several fun, high-paying careers that span a range of sectors, such as lifestyle, tourism, and hospitality. Having a fun job can help you build a rewarding career in which you can improve your technical skills and grow to your creative best.


Here are some FAQs related to fun jobs:

  1. How do fun jobs contribute to work-life balance and well-being?
    Having a fun job may trigger intrinsic motivation. You might also find that you have a higher level of job satisfaction and less work stress. These contribute to better work-life balance and improved well-being.
  2. What are some unconventional careers that people could find enjoyable?
    There are many unconventional and high-paying fun careers to choose from. Most fun jobs pay well and can enhance your artistic talent. Here are some examples of a few of these unconventional jobs:
    art therapist
    Game developer
    Interior designer
    You can also choose to be your own boss and start a business.
  3. How can people identify their interests to pursue a career that aligns with their values?
    Finding the perfect job requires you to align your interests and values. First, perform a self-assessment to understand your passions and interests. Also determine your strengths, weaknesses, and long-term goals. Next, think about your core values and the principles you stand by that might guide your career choices.
    Knowing yourself and what you stand for can help you search for job openings, internships, or volunteering opportunities that align with your interests and values. You may even stumble across a job where you can put your artistic skills to good use, so you would have a dream job that is both fulfilling and exciting.

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