Medical Officer

Review and maintain patients’ medical records and provide medical advice to attending physicians.
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What's it like to be a Medical Officer?

A Medical Officer works in a healthcare facility such as a hospital or clinic. They attend to administrative matters and act as advisors to Physicians on diagnoses and treatment plans. Medical Officers also oversee clinical trials and medical programmes as well as the day-to-day operations of patient care within a health facility.

Tasks and duties

  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of patient data in medical records.
  • Monitoring for discrepancies or mistakes in patient care or treatment plans.
  • Providing medical support, as needed when a patient needs to be transferred to a different health facility.
  • Acting as a primary physician in response to Code Blue calls.
  • Participating in talks or medical campaigns to promote health education.
  • Explaining surgical procedures or treatments to patients.

How to become a Medical Officer

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To become a Medical Officer, you usually need a degree in medicine and surgery or an equivalent medical degree and experience.

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in medicine and surgery (MBBS) or an equivalent medical degree.

  2. Master speaking in English and Mandarin, on top of Bahasa Malaysia.

  3. Register with the Malaysian Medical Council.

  4. Always have a valid Annual Practice Certification (APC).

  5. Gain at least three to five years of experience working in a related field.

  6. After gaining experience as a Medical Officer, consider progressing to a role such as a Resident or Consultant.

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