More Malaysians Dissatisfied at Work

More Malaysians Dissatisfied at Work
JobStreet content teamupdated on 29 November, 2021

Malaysia, 7 May 2015 – According to the recent survey on Employees’ Job Satisfaction in Malaysia, a staggering 74% of the respondents claimed that they were not satisfied with their current jobs. However, the results showed some slight improvement from 78% when compared to a similar survey conducted in September 2012. Despite the 4% improvement, the number of dissatisfied employees is still high.

High Dissatisfaction At Work

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Salaries are often perceived as the main factor that influences job satisfaction. However, only 11% of the respondents disclosed that their salaries were a compelling factor in their job dissatisfaction. A majority at 71% have revealed that the main cause for this dissatisfaction is due to poor quality of leadership or management in companies. The disturbing matter, however, is that more than half of these discontented employees include senior executives and managers.

When asked about their opinion in terms of salary, 61% of the total respondents felt that their salaries were low or not enough to survive with. On the other hand, 37% of the respondents said that they are getting reasonable wages from their companies.

What Malaysians Think About Their Salaries?

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From the 74% of respondents who are not satisfied with their jobs, 57% of them intend to leave their current job in less than a year. Some 32% of these unhappy employees plan to leave within the next 3 years. Hence, these results suggest that 89% of these unhappy employees could leave their companies in less than 3 years, something employers should be mindful of.

How Long Will Unhappy Employees Stay In The Company?

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Note: A total of 631 employees took part in the Job Satisfaction Survey that was conducted by


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