Free cover letter template

Free cover letter template
JobStreet content teamupdated on 04 October, 2022
Ready for a new role but not sure where to start when it comes to writing a cover letter? We're here to help. Use our easy-to-follow cover letter template to create a professional cover letter that can be adapted job you’re applying for.

Get application-ready in three simple steps:

  1. Download our free cover letter template.
  2. All key sections are included. You just need to add information like your goals, skills and experience.
  3. When you’ve finished personalising your cover letter, we recommend reviewing it before saving it as a PDF. Then you’re ready to start applying with it!
Download a free cover letter template
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Why you should use our cover letter template

Our cover letter template allows you to quickly create a professional cover letter. It provides you with an outline of how to structure the letter, as well as formatting and examples of what you should include. By using our template, you can save yourself time and energy while creating a cover letter that reflects your unique strengths for the position you’re applying for.

What should you include in your cover letter?

When writing a cover letter, it’s important to introduce yourself professionally and explain why you’re a good fit for the role. Make sure to highlight any relevant skills and experience you have that will help you succeed. Express enthusiasm about the role and explain what interests you about it. Additionally, it can be beneficial to demonstrate an understanding of the company and its values. This shows the hirer you’re well-researched and invested in the opportunity.

What to do when you finish writing your cover letter

Make sure to read over your cover letter for spelling and grammar. It’s a good idea to get a friend or family member to review it, too. When you’re done, save your cover letter as a PDF so it’s ready to apply with.
Need to submit a resume with your cover letter? Download one of our free resume templates.

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