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Speaker Mr Rohan Thomas, Web/UX Technology Advisor @ Microsoft Malaysia

The World is Flat F1 Car is your web plat! Go Speed of SilverLight!


Rohan Thomas, a Web/UX Technology Advisor with Microsoft Malaysia, is currently focused on UX, Live, and the Web Platform in Malaysia. He works with partners, universities, design communities and various companies to promote innovation in the User Experience and RIA space. Talk to him about the web platform and UX development in Malaysia and around the world.

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Speaker Dr Albert Wong, Chief Product Officer @ JobStreet.com

Essentials to A Successful Website


Albert Wong is the Vice-President of JobStreet.com and he heads the Product and Technology department. Albert has a PhD in Computer-Aided Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and started his career with Schlumberger Austin Product Center before moving to Genesis Development Corporation, USA in 1998. Albert joined the JobStreet Group in 2000 where he has overall responsibility for JobStreet.com's technology including product development, website platform architecture, sales technologies, technical operations and technical support.

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