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Salary Negotiations

KOhila Dhevi A/P N.Subramaniam
Do a research on your experience and position. Familiarise yourself with the relevant salary range. Determine the salary range that you want to negotiate and be firm about the lowest to want to accept. Consider other additional allowance while negotiating. For contractual positions, know exactly what is the package offered. If there is no medical benefit, ensure the salary offered is at least 10% extra.

Mariatul Kibtiyah Silahudin Jarjis
When negotiating for that dream wage, consider these points: Can you commit to the extra responsibilities that come with the higher salary you are asking? Is it within the acceptable salary range for the job? Is the company prepared to meet your demand? Don't be greedy. Negotiation should be a win-win for both you and the company!

Ramli Bin Md Noor
To negotiate a better compensation package, you have to sell yourself as the best possible candidate and then demonstrate why your qualifications justify a higher salary. First, sell yourself. Describe the unique skills you bring that other candidates cannot offer and demonstrate how these skills add value to the company. Position yourself as having a skill set superior to others candidates in similar positions. Before negotiating salary, do some research to determine the appropriate salary for your position based on geographic location, position level, responsibilities and skill set. Obtain information from several sources and compare the results to determine a range of acceptable salaries. Then bring this information and your unique skills to the table to justify a salary at the higher end of this range.

Fabian Tan Han Pheng
When you negotiate salary, the interviewer will normally ask how much you want. You should respond with confidence and logic, relating your request to your capabilities, qualifications and experience. Some interviewers look at your salary range as your capability to work. Please be aware that the requested salary will be related to the stress that you will face once you are accepted for the job.

Mohd. Suhaimi Hashim
If the interviewer suggests a salary lower than what you reasonably expect, do not uprightly mention that it is very low and inadequate. Try to convince him/her about your great strengths and your ability to jump in and make some distinct improvements to the company. These are not cheap and the requested salary should not be too much.

Kugendran Shanmuganathan
Remember that qualification does not necessarily equal Salary. Salary is equal to skill sets and responsibilities.